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Container Side Loader Crane Trailer
Container Side Loader Crane Trailer

Container Side Loader Crane Trailer

71500 USD

TITAN produces 20 foot 40ft self loading container trailer, 40ft and 20ft sidelifter for loading and unloading container with 37/45 ton lifting capacity. TITAN self loading container trailer with wireless remote controller and manual operation. 

SKU: Container Side Loader Crane Trailer
MPN: TITAN9601099
Brand: TITAN

Container Side Loader Trailer for Sale Description:

Side Lifter Container can provide 20ft and 40ft container delivery.

Side loader chassis with reinforced design, can carry 80 tons of force, service life of more than ten years.

Side loader crane can control its legs and hanger within 30m. This technology provides convenience and safety for the operator.

Container Side Loader Trailer for Sale

Container Side Loader Trailer for Sale

Container Side Loader Trailer for Sale



Max.lifting capacity :45 ton

Funtion:20/40 foot container side lift trailer

Trailer Chassis:14100mm * 2500mm *4100mm

Axles:3 axles

Suspension:Heavy duty mechanical suspension

Tire:12 units

King pin:90#

Hydraulic pump: Gear type Casappa Italy

Hydraulic direction control valves: AMCA Holand

Motor: Japanese Kubota diesel engine



1. Detailed operating instructions of the trailer side loader also, we have video instructions

2. Overseas engineers provide technical services

3. You can contact us at any time and get a quick response

4. High-quality technical services

5. Deliver spare parts quickly and safely



How to check the hydraulic system every month?

1. Check hydraulic oil level every day, add it if necessary

2. Check hydraulic pipeline, tube joint and cylinder, if leak oil, tighten the joints or replace seals if found leak oil

3. Check wear for slide pads, replace it if wear

4. Clean operation valve surface

5. Clean or replace hydraulic oil filter core every 6 months, remove oil plug, drain the oil, then remove the shell, clean or replace filter core

6. Keep hydraulic oil free of dust, filter hydraulic oil every 4 to 6 months. filter precision is 10, replace it if you found turbidity, dirty etc abnormal phenomenon, and clean oil tank, replace hydraulic oil every year


Through this videos, you can learn about different types of sidelifter trailers,including 20ft self loader truck, 20ft sidelifter and 40ft container side loader trailer, as well as the process, testing, packaging and customer feedback, etc.

Container Side Loader Trailer for Sale



Armando Gonzalez from Burundi - 2022-04-12T10:04:01+0800
The 45 ton side lifter trailer drives very well, I am very satisfied, although I haven't used it yet, I look forward to the feedback after using it.
Emmanuel from Djibouti - 2022-03-24T14:03:22+0800
The remote for the Container side loader has made me a lot more productive, and Annie has a how-to video if you don't know how to do it, they'll help.
Habil Cobanov from Kenya - 2022-03-21T18:03:36+0800
Many thanks to Jacky, TITAN Sales Manager. My friend recommended Jacky because he helped him a lot and solved a lot of problems.
Tanaka from Burundi - 2022-02-23T15:02:54+0800
There are very local people who bought TITAN side lifters. They are very popular locally. I just purchased 20ft sidelifter trucks yesterday for my transportation business.
Ron Myer from Guinea - 2022-01-27T11:01:58+0800
This side lifter trailer is really highly recommended, titan is the best company I work with, their brand and quality of the car are tried and true, and their work team is a veteran with a lot of experience Team, I appreciate them very much.